Introduction to the Bosco Camp

The St John Bosco Centre provides an opportunity for children to have an exciting, activity-packed camping holiday in a countryside setting.

The site is set in over forty acres of Essex countryside and is owned and maintained by SVP volunteers. Children live in tents, in groups of seven or eight and the entire week is taken up with a full programme of planned and supervised activities.

Activities include football, cricket, netball, swimming (supervised in a pool), climbing, archery (instructor led), mountain biking, fishing, art and crafts, table tennis, basketball, chess, draughts and many other games.

A cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks are provided, and all activities are also included in the cost.

Camp ethos The Bosco camp is inspired by the life and work of St John Bosco and St Vincent de Paul. John Bosco was an Italian priest who worked with young people who were orphans or who had left difficult family situations and ended up on the streets.

John Bosco believed that there was no such thing as a bad child, only bad circumstances, and he worked hard to give children a place to play, and to learn to trust again.

St Vincent de Paul also sought to provide opportunities for those who were not well off, and both saints did this with their Christian faith at the centre of their lives.

In the same spirit, we welcome lots of children to the St John Bosco camp who will not have any other summer holiday. Sometimes this is due to simple financial reasons. For other children it may be that they are in difficult family circumstances where both they and their families need extra support and help.

In all cases we try to create an environment where they are respected and encouraged, so that they discover new talents in themselves.

We are a Catholic camp and Mass or a Communion service is held each day. Children and helpers are encouraged to attend. All children are required to attend Sunday Mass.